Friday, June 3, 2011

PASQUALA: The Story of a California Indian Girl

Howka tribal members, there is a new childrens book that is out called Pasquala.. I haven't researched it or read it yet, but wanted everyone to know it is being used by teachers.

PASQUALA: The Story of a California Indian Girl

By Gail Faber and Michele Lasagna. Through young Pasquala, readers journey back to the early 1800s, recapturing the flavor of Indian life in California's Great Central Valley. In this well-plotted story showing the clash between Indian culture and the mission system, Pasquala moves from her village to Santa Ines Mission, then back to her lakeside home. At last she must make a crucial decision pitting her loyalty to her people against her love for the mission padres. With a rich backdrop of historical detail, Pasquala's story includes details of village and mission life, legends, ceremonies, an earthquake, joyful and sad times, and courage in the face of danger. A 33-page teacher's guide is available separately. Grades 4–6. Illustrated. Magpie. 95 pages.

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Valerie said...

Hi My daughter is reading this book. We would love to hear what you have to say about it, does this reflect the tribes perspective? Your comments about the book and it's depiction of tribal life and values is important to her getting the full picture and hopefully one closer to the lived realities of the indigenous of American. thanks!