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Family Math Fun! Announcing a new resource: a manual of family numeracy activities,ready to use in early literacy programs, day care centres, primarygrades and Adult Basic Education/Literacy programs. Patterns, recipes,and hand-outs all included (109 pages). Download your free copy:<> Math for the whole person: Spirit, heart, mind and body are allconnected in the activities in this book. When we balance the spirit,heart, body and mind, math becomes part of our whole lives, not a beastor a barrier. Activities for the whole family: Things to do in the kitchen and on awalk, rhymes, games, and things to make, all to promote math thinkingand learning. Please forward to your networks. For more information: Funded by The Office ofLiteracy and Essential Skills, Human Resources and Skills DevelopmentCanada Kate NonesuchCareer and Academic PreparationVancouver Island University Cowichan Campus222 Cowichan WayDuncan, BCV9L 6P4 381-1824

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The Indian Sentinel, 1902-1962The Indian Sentinel featured articles about Native Americans across the United States and their evangelization by the Catholic Church. if you type in diegueno at the bottom in the search bar you will see articles about our people and our reservation. I saw a picture of one of our people on there. There are 4 magazines , with articles about our people. One is about John Felishio and the other is abour Joaquim Paipa

Saturday, October 11, 2008


New Game Uses Intervention Strategies to Promote Healthy Living for Native Children

Written by Leslie Hammerberg
Sunday, 21 September 2008

New Game Uses Intervention Strategies to Promote Healthy Living for Native ChildrenPolson, MT – After 13 years of experience serving as a therapeutic foster parent to many children on the Flathead Indian Reservation, CEO and Founder of “Rez Got Game”, Leslie Hammerberg (Mandan Hidatsa), has established a company that offers subtle teaching materials through a game board format. “The game board is silk screened on tipi canvas and offers heirloom quality. Players are provided with real-life scenarios and encouraged to voice their opinion(s) and speak openly about the choices they have made,” says Hammerberg. “The games encourage players to think, feel, then act thereby reinforcing healthy behaviors.”“With an eye toward our future as Native American people and our children as future leaders, I believe ‘Rez Got Game’ responds to leadership development through decision making scenarios that are fun – yet address the salient issues of our times such as abuse, neglect, peer pressure, guns in school, pregnancy, among other rarely talked about issues,” adds Hammerberg. According to mental health experts, early intervention strategies can assist children and teens in creating a healthy game plan for life. “Rez Got Game” products open a forum to think about difficult – yet important – issues impacting children and teens and provide empathetic strategies in order to help children and teens make healthy decisions in real-life situations. The games also teach children and teens through early intervention strategies to move forward in life by making good and solid choices. And finally, the games reinforce a child’s or teen’s ability to feel comfortable talking openly about positive and negative things that are happening to them. “Rez Got Game” currently offers three games: Tipi Dancer (ages 5 to 7), Eagle Dancer (ages 8 to 12), and I Jokes (teens). Another game, Dove Dancer (all ages), is near completion and should be available by the end of this year. Contact: CEO/Founder, Leslie Hammerberg at 406-871-0647. To expedite your order(s) please visit our web site: .
(taken from Native Youth Magazine)


Native Youth Magazine News
Tulalip Tribe TV station hits the airwaves

Written by Cher Thomas
Tuesday, 04 March 2008
SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. - A Western Washington tribe is now in the broadcasting business. The Tulalip Tribe in Snohomish County has its own TV station. It's called KANU TV and it is the first and only nationally broadcast tribal network. Shelly Lacy hosts "The General Manager's Report," one of several programs airing 24/7 over the web on "We do a report that talks about what happened the last week, what are upcoming events," said Shelly Lacy. Niki Cleary reports for Northwest Indian News, one of the shows on KANU TV. "This is an opportunity for our people to tell our stories, our way," she said. "It's a huge leap ... it means that not only are we reaching our neighbors right here in Marysville, we're reaching neighbors across the nation." TV shows, movies and high school sports are also broadcast, in addition to brief lessons in native languages. Tribal member Rachel Johnston watches from her home in Florida. "This is a way for them to be able to keep that connection and know what's happening here," Lacy said. While don't have to worry about ratings at this station, they do hope moving KANU TV onto the web will have more people watching.

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Reading groups are proving that good books bring people together. National Reading Group Month salutes reading groups. It fosters their growth and promotes the love of literature. It's an opportunity for reading groups to reflect on their accomplishments and plan for the future — the perfect time to join or start a group.
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Howka brothers and sisters.. I wanted to post a site that was sent to me by another librarian but I realize it will be too hard for many tribal members to access. Many people don't realize that it is hard for our tribal members to view sites that have way too many graphics or are linked with fancy flash programs and such. I hope it doesn't take 2 days for people to access this site. Someday we hopefully will have more than just dial up for our rez. If you live off the rez and want to check this site out....... go to .........
National Museum of the American Indian: Beauty Surrounds Us [Macromedia Flash Player]
The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian has an engaging online version of their "Beauty Surrounds Us" exhibit. In addition to its beauty, the web exhibit also provides an activity for each section the exhibit is divided into, such as "Tools of Existence", "Recreation and Pastimes", "Design as Identity", and "Expressions of Identity." The activity tests a visitor's comprehension and memory of the objects' written descriptions given when you click on the object's picture. Once you've clicked on the object, you can then click on “Map” to see the area the object is from, and you can click on "Related" to see historic photos of the objects in use by Native peoples. The exhibit includes the Native peoples of both North and South America, and objects of indigenous materials, modern materials and a mix of indigenous and modern materials. The activity in "Design as Identity" tests your knowledge about several object's material composition. Sports fans will find some familiar items in the "Recreation and Pastimes" section, and they can even try their hand at shooting arrows at hoops to hone their buffalo shooting skills.

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What is
The website links to over 1,800 self-help resources, over 700 of which have versions in
other languages. is a project of the Public Interest Clearinghouse, the
State Bar of California, and the Administrative Office of the Courts of California.

Find Legal Information contains a wealth of self-help resources, including fact sheets, brochures,
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Your staff can also use the resources to get a more comprehensive picture of the civil legal
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Consumer & Small ClaimsBankruptcy, Debt Collection, Taxes, Loans, Utilities

ImmigrationDeportation, Naturalization, Citizenship, Asylum

Individual & Civil RightsFree Speech, Rights of Prisoners, Victims & Accused

SeniorsPredatory Lending, Nursing Homes

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Native American IssuesIndian Child Welfare Act, Tribal Land & Government

Life & Estate PlanningWills, Funerals, Conservatorships

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Sites and Sounds Longest walk

Native American News Reports: Sites & Sounds Longest Walk

New at Censored News

Today, Censored News offers Indigenous perspectives, includingMohawks, on the failed scam US bailout. There's also a list of "Soundsof the Longest Walk" northern route, updated with selections of someof the best interviews and songs for listening.Also, Project Censored 2009 just released a list of the most censoredarticles in 2007-2008, which includes an article by Brenda Norrell atCensored News on the protest of the carbon credit scam in Bali.Please send your thoughts to: brendanorrell@gmail.comCENSORED NEWShttp://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.comMOHAWK NATION NEWS: Indigenous celebration of failed US bailout:Sept. 30, 2008. These swindlers believe that anyone who doesn't haveindependent wealth has no claim to even the smallest crust of bread.The indigenous way is that nature provides to all. We have a right tothe food we need.We never surrendered our territories. Every squareinch of Turtle Island is Indigenous. Read article: Sounds of the Longest Walkhttp://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.comUpdated: Thanks for writing and letting us know your favorite shows!There's about 500 audios from the Longest Walk northern route from thetalk radio show on Earthcycles honor of those who walked, here's a few of the best days ofinterviews and songs.--Fallon Stillwater, Paiute Shoshone, with songs by Miwok walkers andSavage family CD: --Longest Walk, Lake Tahoe to Cave Rock, Nevada Ben Carnes, interviews on Leonard Peltier; interview with1978 walker David Velarde, 3/30/2008:, Kansas: Govinda's pick of a great cow song, "Cows are fun..." There's also an interview on Maroi Sovereignty with Sharon Hetaand Michael Lane walkers from New Zealand; walkers Sony and Justintalk about Kansas cows and rain: respond to attack by Columbus, Ohio, police, and AIM song atOhio Capitol: --Interviews with Navajo, Lakota, Menominee, Euchee and other walkerson May 6, 2008, Knob Noster State Park, Missouri: AIM song led by Calvin Magpie, Cheyenne Arapaho, powwow songsand talk, at the Cahokia Mounds Powwow in Illinois on May 10, 2008 and speeches on the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capitol atHarrisburg, including Mohawk and Tuscarora drum song, on June 30,2008: --Craig Luther, Navajo, sings at Greenbelt Park, Maryland (by the tree2008-7-10); Shoshone: Darlene Graham, Shoshone speaks on traditionalhealing and Janice Gardipe, Paiute and Shoshone, sings an honor songfor the walkers: is produced by Govinda Dalton. Longest Walk talk radiocohost is Brenda Norrell. Photos: Carl Bad Bear Sampson drummingoutside Newmont Mining at Longest Walk prayer and protest. Photo 2Longest Walk northern route at Cahokia Mounds. Photo 3: On the stepsfo the Pennsylvania State Capitol Photo 4 At the drum, Janice Gardipe,Paiute Shoshone, with Darlene Graham, Western Shoshone/Photos BrendaNorrell --Brenda NorrellCensored Newshttp://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.comListen at Earthcycles:http://www.earthcycles.netForward By United Native America: