Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sites and Sounds Longest walk

Native American News Reports: Sites & Sounds Longest Walk

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Today, Censored News offers Indigenous perspectives, includingMohawks, on the failed scam US bailout. There's also a list of "Soundsof the Longest Walk" northern route, updated with selections of someof the best interviews and songs for listening.Also, Project Censored 2009 just released a list of the most censoredarticles in 2007-2008, which includes an article by Brenda Norrell atCensored News on the protest of the carbon credit scam in Bali.Please send your thoughts to: brendanorrell@gmail.comCENSORED NEWShttp://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.comMOHAWK NATION NEWS: Indigenous celebration of failed US bailout:Sept. 30, 2008. These swindlers believe that anyone who doesn't haveindependent wealth has no claim to even the smallest crust of bread.The indigenous way is that nature provides to all. We have a right tothe food we need.We never surrendered our territories. Every squareinch of Turtle Island is Indigenous. Read article: Sounds of the Longest Walkhttp://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.comUpdated: Thanks for writing and letting us know your favorite shows!There's about 500 audios from the Longest Walk northern route from thetalk radio show on Earthcycles honor of those who walked, here's a few of the best days ofinterviews and songs.--Fallon Stillwater, Paiute Shoshone, with songs by Miwok walkers andSavage family CD: --Longest Walk, Lake Tahoe to Cave Rock, Nevada Ben Carnes, interviews on Leonard Peltier; interview with1978 walker David Velarde, 3/30/2008:, Kansas: Govinda's pick of a great cow song, "Cows are fun..." There's also an interview on Maroi Sovereignty with Sharon Hetaand Michael Lane walkers from New Zealand; walkers Sony and Justintalk about Kansas cows and rain: respond to attack by Columbus, Ohio, police, and AIM song atOhio Capitol: --Interviews with Navajo, Lakota, Menominee, Euchee and other walkerson May 6, 2008, Knob Noster State Park, Missouri: AIM song led by Calvin Magpie, Cheyenne Arapaho, powwow songsand talk, at the Cahokia Mounds Powwow in Illinois on May 10, 2008 and speeches on the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capitol atHarrisburg, including Mohawk and Tuscarora drum song, on June 30,2008: --Craig Luther, Navajo, sings at Greenbelt Park, Maryland (by the tree2008-7-10); Shoshone: Darlene Graham, Shoshone speaks on traditionalhealing and Janice Gardipe, Paiute and Shoshone, sings an honor songfor the walkers: is produced by Govinda Dalton. Longest Walk talk radiocohost is Brenda Norrell. Photos: Carl Bad Bear Sampson drummingoutside Newmont Mining at Longest Walk prayer and protest. Photo 2Longest Walk northern route at Cahokia Mounds. Photo 3: On the stepsfo the Pennsylvania State Capitol Photo 4 At the drum, Janice Gardipe,Paiute Shoshone, with Darlene Graham, Western Shoshone/Photos BrendaNorrell --Brenda NorrellCensored Newshttp://www.bsnorrell.blogspot.comListen at Earthcycles:http://www.earthcycles.netForward By United Native America:

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