Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Internship Opportunity for Students and Young Professionals

Internship program
Internship Opportunity for Students and Young Professionals
Assemblyman Anderson's District Office in El Cajon is currently hiring new interns for our Summer Internships Program. This program is an excellent opportunity for current or recently graduated students who are looking to gain experience for a political career, develop professional working skills, and meet elected officials throughout San Diego County. There is currently one opening for an aspiring political cartoonist. It is an opportunity to complete the internship program and have your work published in newspapers alongside syndicated cartoonists and columnists. If you or someone you know is interested in applying, please contact the Internship Program Director Alex Sanchez at (619) 441-2322 or e-mail her at

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tribal Lands Conservation Program Intern

Howka tribal members, I was forwarded this recent internship opportunity and thought it might be a great opportunity for someone from our rez..

The National Wildlife Federation is now accepting applicationsfor a Tribal Lands Conservation Program Intern (description below).Please forward to anyone that might be interested or to your networksthat may know good candidates.Thanks,Garrit Tribal and Public Lands Stewardship Intern (Boulder, CO) The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is seeking an intern toassist in advancing the protection of wildlife, their habitats, andnatural resources on tribal and public lands. NWF's Tribal LandsConservation Program partners with sovereign tribal nations to solvetoday's conservation challenges for future generations. Responsibilities will include assisting with climate changeprojects, conventional energy projects, environmental education,research, writing, grant development, monitoring federal policy, helpingto organize meetings and events, and other associated tasks relative toNWF's public and tribal lands programs. The intern will be exposed tomany aspects of natural resource policy and management pertaining totribal and public lands, tribal trust resources, and tribal naturalresources. A motivated individual is sought for a full-time, 11-month, paidinternship in NWF's office located in Boulder, Colorado. The TribalLands Stewardship Intern must be available to work a 40-hour weeklyschedule. The position offers $400/week plus core benefits. Qualifications: 2 years of B.A./B.S. completed or AssociatesDegree. Candidates should have excellent analytic and writtencommunication skills, experience with computer and library research, andcomputer skills. Candidates must have a commitment to natural resourceconservation and assisting tribal communities.
Apply at
NWF's mission is to inspire Americans to protect wildlife forour children's future. Garrit Voggesser, Ph.D.Senior Manager, Tribal Lands Conservation ProgramPhone: 303-441-5161 Fax: 303-786-8911 voggesser@nwf.orgNational Wildlife FederationRocky Mountain Regional Center2260 Baseline Road, Suite 100Boulder, CO

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Native American health news channel

Howka tribal members, I just got an email about a Native American health news channel and wanted to share.. I think it would be great to implament this into our health clinics..

Native American health news
channel available

Native American
health news channel available
By SARA KINCAID Bismarck Tribune |

At first glance, it appears to be a
cable news channel like any other.

There's someone giving a report, and
a crawl across the bottom, but watch a while, and it's obvious this is not just
any news station.

The station is Good Health TV, which
gives Native American communities health news on the television sets in clinic
waiting rooms.

“It’s Native American specific, which
is nice,” said Jared Eagle, the health educator at Minne-Tohe Health Clinic in
New Town.

Good Health TV is a division of KAT
Communications in Bismarck. The channel is shown to 50 tribes in 11 states. The
program started in Fort Yates in 2005. It is funded in part by a grant from
Indian Health Services.

The clinic in New Town started using
it two years ago, at a time when officials decided to provide only health
education materials in the clinic lobby. Until the clinic started that policy,
the TV was tuned to talk shows, game shows or other daytime television, Eagle

“We did a user survey and 84 percent
of respondents said they learned something new from watching it,” Eagle said.
“They have to watch it because we have a small waiting room.”

The channel shows information on
diabetes, wellness, gang violence and nutrition. Local people produce the
segments for the areas that are served. Communities are able to customize what
they see, and include community events or emergency information on the

“When they see themselves on
the screen, they connect with it,” said KAT Communications owner Todd

The channel is streamed over the
Internet and is a subscription-based service. KAT Communications hopes to get
the station shown in more than medical centers, such as schools and people’s

Friday, July 2, 2010


Howka, After a fantastic trip to New Zealand and speaking at the Traditional Knowledge Conference I wanted to post pictures . It seems the gathering has posted them at
For my Kumeyaay elders that made the dolls, I gave them to an Aborigine elder and a Maori elder. There is a picture on the link of them. Karen