Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Native American Historical Documents

The website below has links to historical Native American speeches and documents.

Native American Historical Documents http://www.historicaldocuments.com/NativeAmericanDocuments.htm

Native American Historical DocumentsIndian Citizenship Act of 1924 King Ferdinand's Letter to the Taino/Arawak Indians (1492)
A Spanish Friar Indicts the Conquistadors for the Massacre of Indians (1542)
The Iroquois Constitution (1600's)
Father Andrew White's First Impressions of Maryland & Native Inhabitants (1634)
Thomas Morton, Description of the Indians in New England (1637)
Dutch Minister Describes the Iroquois (1644)
The First Thanksgiving Proclamation (1676)
Title 25 (Indians) of the United States States Code (downloadable)
Indian Affairs: Laws & Treaties ( Compiled and Edited by Charles J. Kappler)
Cornell Legal Information Institute Indian Law Resources FindLaw Indian Law Resources Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs Interior Board of Indian AppealsInterior Solicitors' Opinions (1993-present)Bureau of Indian AffairsFederally Recognized American Indian Tribes and Alaska NativesOffice of American Indian Trust, DOI Office Of Self-Governance, DOIHistorical and Legislative Review of Federal Indian PolicyNative American Documents Project Native American NAGPRA Consultation Database Office of Tribal Justice, DOJ American Indian Reservations and Trust Areas (Department of Commerce database of information on tribal trust areas)American Indian Environmental Office, EPA National Indian Gaming Commission American Indian Tribal Directory Envirotext Search for Basic Indian Treaties and Documents Native Americans and the Environment Web Site Center for World Indigenous Studies National Tribal Judicial Resource Center United States Dept. of Housing & Urban Development CodeTalk Page Lisa Mitten's List of Links to Other Native American Sites Native American Bar Association (NABA) National Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) Proposed Federal Government Report on Status of Native Hawaiians

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