Friday, February 20, 2009

HP offers free online classes

HP offers free online classes to help you navigate your way through your personal computer’s software and hardware.
Many people now have Vista on their computers but still have their old projects and coursework on Windows. Learn how to navigate your way in migrating to Vista by going to

Digital photography

» Photo restoration basics: preserve your family photos
» Adobe Photoshop for photographers
» Beyond basics: fundamental photography techniques
» Five common photo problems and how to solve them (quick lesson) UPDATED!
» Home office
» Migrating to Microsoft® Windows Vista
» Intermediate Microsoft® Excel 2007
» Introduction to Microsoft® Word 2007
» Using the HP Yahoo! Printing Toolbar (5:28) NEW!
» Getting started with LightScribe (quick lesson) NEW!
» Go wireless: using Bluetooth to connect and print (quick lesson)
» Print wirelessly at home or on the road (quick lesson)
» Microsoft® Windows Vista: find files using basic Search (2:45)
» Security solutions
» Tune up your Windows Vista PC
» Tune up your Microsoft® Windows XP PC
» Firewall basics
» Laptop PCs: basic troubleshooting and repair (quick lesson)
» Laptop PCs: troubleshooting wireless problems (quick lesson)
» Microsoft® Windows Vista: find files using basic Search (2:45)
» Windows Vista: decrease Windows Vista startup time (3:30)
» Protect your PC from spam, spyware and viruses
» Personal interests
» Creating a distinctive identity: business cards, stationery and more
» Plan and build your first website (with podcast)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Howka brothers and sisters... sorry I haven't been posting.
I want to share a website that will allow you to either get money back from the things you purchase or allows you to save the money and use it for college. The website will allow you to register your grocery card & your credit card so that everytime you make a purchase a portion of your money spent goes into an account.The money can accumulate and then can be used towards your college education or you can request a check be sent to you directly. Its a great site, i have registered myself to help me pay back my student loans.
I also want to remind our tribal members going to college to please register with to also help them get scholarships. there are lots and lots of Indian scholarships on there.