Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Howka sisters and brothers, I know many of our elders went to Sherman Indian school back in the day. I wanted to share a site with some of their old pics . If any tribal members spot some of our relations please let me know

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FREE Cal Summer Experience

Howka sisters ansd brothers.. I am hoping some of our tribal members will take advantage of the opportunity.If anyone needs any help let me know..Good luck..

UC Berkeley Office of Undergraduate Admission is hosting a FREE Cal Summer Experience (stay for two nights) June 26-28, 2011. Please get the word out to your student communities! The deadline to submit applications is June 1st!

This opportunity is available to all students attending California High
Schools and Community College preparing to apply this fall for Fall 2012
Admission and meet the criteria. The program is free if accepted to
attend, student must be responsible for their own travel to and from the
UC Berkeley campus. See the link for more details.

You can visit: http://students.berkeley.edu/admissions/general.asp?id=5535
where all the application materials can be downloaded and an extremely informative webinar about the program can be viewed. (must first register in our database to access the webinar session)

If you have any questions or cannot access the information-application materials.

Please let me know.

Thank you for helping me spread the word!

Bridget Wilson
Admission & Recruitment Specialist
Office of Undergraduate Admission
UC Berkeley
1(510) 643-7902

Wednesday, May 18, 2011




We're seeking submissions of writing/art/hip hop/news/recipes/poetry/quotes/stories.. for an upcoming uncensored, native-run, autonomous magazine to be distributed FREE to native youth and inmates across Turtle Island THIS SUMMER!!

We're ESPECIALLY looking for writing in languages other than english or french, and to hear from people whose voices don't get heard.. youth, women, two spirit, brothers and sisters on the streets and behind bars.

We are looking for any and all definitions of writing and art: news from your community or city, articles, hip hop, recipes, graffiti stencils, poetry, letters, quotes, artwork, re-prints, how-to's, photos and stories. If you can put it on paper, you can send it in, long or short!

Indigenous Sovereignty can be expressed in many, many ways. Being sovereign as an Indigenous person can mean speaking your Original language, knowing the land, creating a garden with ancestral seeds or defending our homelands from logging, mining and exploitation.

Do you have art that celebrates the honor within our ways of being?

How about work that poetically engages education, maybe something you've wanted to share about the beauty of Indigenous women, how colonization is affecting you or your community, your battles with addictions, abuse or violence.

Submission Guidelines

* submit work in rich text format (.rtf)

* state the title you want to see published

* include a word count

* Your nation, community and name. We encourage you to use a handle (alternative to your english name), but it's up to you.

*ART and photos should be as high a resolution as possible (minimum 250 dpi)

All submissions/questions, etc. can be sent to:

indigenouscollective @ gmail.com (take out spaces)

DEADLINE: June 3rd/2011

Gchi Migwech / Nia:wen Kowa

The Indigenous Artists & Writers Collective is an autonomous group of Indigenous women, men youth and two spirit people who came together to create an uncensored, independent mag talking about our issues, in our communities, in our own voices.

This generation is rising up, decolonizing our minds and reclaiming our freedom. So let's gather and talk, in as many places, in as many ways as we can! We want to get 10,000 copies out by this powwow season, especially to youth and inmates.

We are consciously seeking submissions, art, writing, production and distribution help from Indigenous people right now and we're always interested in hearing from you!

If you want to get copies of this magazine, we need help getting it out far and wide, especially to jails, detention centers, remote communities and reserves.

indigenouscollective @ gmail.com (take out spaces)

Monday, May 9, 2011


This is a great museum site with lots of art as well as Native items in their museums.. you can use the search button and type in Native American.

PLEASE SIGN PETITION TO PROTECT Native American Sacred Burial Sites

There are many Native American Sacred Burial Sites located in the Bay area. Sogorea Te of the Glen Cove region is known as one of the oldest inhabited areas in North America, over 3500 years. This site was first surveyed in 1907, named a significant archeological site and designated SOL-326. Since then, Sogorea Te has suffered from looting, and desecration by archeologists, grave robbers and curiosity seekers, even as recently as the mid 1980's. Many of the artifacts and remains of the ancestors have been imprisoned in metal wall lockers in the dungeons of U.C. Berkley, or sold to collectors as trophies. The Greater Vallejo Recreation District and the City of Vallejo wish to further the desecration of this Native American cemetery by development of a park. This development would result in a major disturbance of the burial grounds, and SSP&RIT (Sacred Sites Protection & Rights of Indigenous Tribes) has cultural heritage concerns here. I, the undersigned, support the efforts of SSP&RIT to preserve and protect Glen Cove, and all Indigenous Sacred Sites and support efforts to urge lawmakers to strengthen Federal and State laws giving Sacred Sites greater protection.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

art contest opportunity for Native Women who are California AGES 12 +

The Healing Circle Women's Campaign is seeking Native American Women
(age 12+) artists who live within California.

The art contest will help bring prevention awareness to Native women and girls across California about substance abuse.

The artwork submission deadline is June 3, 2011.

This is an art contest opportunity for Native Women who are California
residents. There are different age groups and it seems like a great
opportunity to contribute to the health of our community and maybe win
some fabulous prizes!

Native American Health Center
Youth Services Program
333 Valencia Street, 4th Floor Suite 440
San Francisco, Calif. 94103
Phone: 1(415) 863-1216


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lesbian , Bisexual and Trangendered Native Women event

Howka sisters and brothers, July 14-17, 2011 marks the 4th year of our annual Lesbian , Bisexual and Trangendered Native Women event in San Diego, California.
LBT Native women from across Turtle Island meet up every year to discuss issues affecting us, have workshops, talk,march in SD pride parade, network, sweat, etc. For more information on this campout event contact Karen at kumeyaayindian@hotmail.com