Monday, May 9, 2011

PLEASE SIGN PETITION TO PROTECT Native American Sacred Burial Sites

There are many Native American Sacred Burial Sites located in the Bay area. Sogorea Te of the Glen Cove region is known as one of the oldest inhabited areas in North America, over 3500 years. This site was first surveyed in 1907, named a significant archeological site and designated SOL-326. Since then, Sogorea Te has suffered from looting, and desecration by archeologists, grave robbers and curiosity seekers, even as recently as the mid 1980's. Many of the artifacts and remains of the ancestors have been imprisoned in metal wall lockers in the dungeons of U.C. Berkley, or sold to collectors as trophies. The Greater Vallejo Recreation District and the City of Vallejo wish to further the desecration of this Native American cemetery by development of a park. This development would result in a major disturbance of the burial grounds, and SSP&RIT (Sacred Sites Protection & Rights of Indigenous Tribes) has cultural heritage concerns here. I, the undersigned, support the efforts of SSP&RIT to preserve and protect Glen Cove, and all Indigenous Sacred Sites and support efforts to urge lawmakers to strengthen Federal and State laws giving Sacred Sites greater protection.

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