Thursday, October 16, 2008


Family Math Fun! Announcing a new resource: a manual of family numeracy activities,ready to use in early literacy programs, day care centres, primarygrades and Adult Basic Education/Literacy programs. Patterns, recipes,and hand-outs all included (109 pages). Download your free copy:<> Math for the whole person: Spirit, heart, mind and body are allconnected in the activities in this book. When we balance the spirit,heart, body and mind, math becomes part of our whole lives, not a beastor a barrier. Activities for the whole family: Things to do in the kitchen and on awalk, rhymes, games, and things to make, all to promote math thinkingand learning. Please forward to your networks. For more information: Funded by The Office ofLiteracy and Essential Skills, Human Resources and Skills DevelopmentCanada Kate NonesuchCareer and Academic PreparationVancouver Island University Cowichan Campus222 Cowichan WayDuncan, BCV9L 6P4 381-1824

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