Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Native woman attacked by skinheads

I got this email this morning and wanted to share with everyone


Patty Dawson, Apache/Navajo, older daughter of John and Wanda Dawson was savagely beaten into unconsciousness last Tuesday in Clovia, CA. The attackers were white skinheads with tattoos who shouted racial slurs as they beat her and then stole her car.

John and Wanda have been mainstays in the Indian community in the LA area for the past 30 years. They have been active in the powwow circle for years and all sing and dance. John sings with Green River and used to dance fancy in his heyday.

Clovis Police Department did not interview Patty until yesterday … AFTER hundreds of calls were placed to the Clovis Police Department by concerned friends and relatives of the Dawson Family. The detective in charge, Detective Discano was amazed when he spoke to Patty and asked her who all of these people were that had besieged him with calls. She replied “my family and friends”.

Connie Begay contacted the local media in the area and they are now following up. Charlie Hill and his fan base worked it as well in addition to the hundreds of Indian bloggers who picked up the story.

In case you want to call : Clovis Police Department 559-488-3939 or 559-488-3722 Detective Discano case # 11-10926

In solidarity,

Dina Apple
Oglala Lakota/Northern Cheyenne

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Clyde Hodge said...

Sadly, there are many things, historically and presently, that this one won't say about the consistency with which this certainly not-without-precedent, horribly racist event occurred in Clovis (not "Clovia").