Monday, October 18, 2010


Howka tribal members.. A friend of mine sent me this great footage..she said " If you are interested in anthropology, this will be of great interest to you. This is from a friend who does reserch int the type of thing that interestests me. It is totally facinaging, so a am passing it on and sharing with all of you because this film is a real cultural treasure. It shows the great Pomo holy woman Essie Parrish performing a healing ritual in the Roundhouse, the ritual space of her people in northern California. She knew she was preserving this precious heritage, after generations of missionary inroads on Pomo culture, and the commentaries are all hers. Her title was Yomta, which means "Song," and she carried not only the chants but the ceremonies, the spiritual heritage, the healing ways of the "Indian doctors" and the Bole Maru Dreamers"
The Pomo shaman is named Piwoya her english name is Essie Parrish.. it also has singers named Bernice Dollar, Bertha Antone, Julia Marrufo & Emmett Antone. The fire tender is Clement Marrufo and the patient is Sidney Parrish. I am hoping people may know these family relations and pass on this rare footage..

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