Thursday, October 7, 2010

San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive KQED Collection

Thanks to Susan Hanks I was sent this link to some great archival footage.

San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive KQED Collection
Native American Burial Sites : KQED News report from September 5th 1975 in South San Francisco (San Mateo County), examining the tension between economic expansion in California and the preservation of Native American sacred burial sites. Includes scenes from an archaeological dig, views of an Ohlone Indian cemetery and also interviews with several pundits, who discuss the issues involved.

Native American Employment Discrimination: KQED News report from August 29th 1973 featuring a press conference with Lehman Brightman, in which he announces that a charge of employment discrimination towards Native Americans is being filed against the Justice Department and other Federal agencies. He explains: "This twelve page complaint is unprecedented in the fact that it's a first in the nation to be filed with the newly created Office of Indian Rights, which is within the Justice Department." Also includes scenes of other speakers discussing this issue, one of whom points out that the Justice Department has indicted more Native Americans than they have hired, over the past three years.
Pomo Indian Demonstration: KQED News report from January 27th 1975 featuring a rally by Pomo Native Americans, who are claiming the Catholic church should not be trying to charge them $750,000 to re possess vacant land in Northern California.
Public Hearing on Native American housing: KQED News report from September 21st 1976 in San Francisco, featuring scenes from a public hearing about the shortage of affordable housing for Native Americans in urban areas. Includes view of San Francisco American Indian Center

Ron Dellums: A test of coalition politics: Documentary film produced by Oliver Moss and presented by KQED's Black Production Unit, following the 1972 political campaign of Congressman Ron Dellums and the Oakland Democratic Coalition. Includes interviews with Dellums, Willie Brown, Leola 'Roscoe Higgs' Dellums and many political supporters and opponents from the Bay Area

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