Monday, April 27, 2009


Attention Native American, Native Hawaiian, & Alaska Native Students
College Horizons Saturday July 18 – Tuesday July 21 2009
The Graduate Horizons Program is a four-day “crash course” on issues facing Native American
college students, master’s students, or alumni which helps prepare them for graduate school
(master’s, Ph.D., or professional school). Faculty, admission officers and deans representing hundreds of
graduate disciplines and a host of graduate and professional schools will help you:
Saturday, Tuesday, 21, at UC Berkeley
􀂔 Explore special issues for Native American students
􀂔 Select programs and career pathways suitable for you
􀂔 Learn what turns an applicant into an admitted student
􀂔 Become a test-prep “whiz kid” on the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, & MCAT
􀂔 Find your way through the financial aid,
scholarship, and fellowship jungle
􀂔Complete winning applications
􀂔 Write memorable personal statements
Christine Suina,
Program Coordinator
PO Box 1262, Pena Blanca,
New Mexico, 87041
Phone: 505.401.3854
Dr Whitney Laughlin
􀂔 Learn graduate school survival tips
􀂔 Meet others with similar goals
􀂔 Students will learn about a broad variety of programs and establish personal relationships with graduate
school representatives that continue long after the program is over.
􀂔 This program is geared toward Native American (enrolled members), First Nations, Alaska Native, or
Native Hawaiian college students, college graduates, or master’s students.
Dr. Laughlin,
Program Director
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􀂔Students will be selected by application. First round receipt deadline is Feb. 2; 2nd round is Feb. 27.
Applications will be accepted on a space available basis to June 1st (after May 1st, please contact us).
􀂔 Complete program cost is $175 (includes tuition, room, meals, and transportation to campus from the
Oakland airport). Students are responsible for their own airfare, but substantial funds are available for
airfare and tuition assistance (in 2008 the 70% of our students received travel awards).
􀂐 American Indian Graduate Center 􀂐 Oregon Health Sciences University 􀂐 University of New Mexico
Programs and Universities Attending:
􀂐 Arizona State University
􀂐 Cornell University
􀂐 Dartmouth College
􀂐 Duke University
􀂐 Harvard University
􀂐 Institute for Broadening Participation
􀂐 Institute for Recruitment of Teachers
􀂐 Lewis & Clark Law School
NC S U i i
g y
􀂐 Oregon State University
􀂐 Seattle University
􀂐 Stanford University
􀂐 The Admission Advisory Group
􀂐 The Princeton Review Foundation
􀂐 University of Arizona
􀂐 University of CA, Berkeley
􀂐 University of CA, Los Angeles
U i it fMi hi A A b
􀂐 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
􀂐 University of Pennsylvania
􀂐 University of Puget Sound
􀂐 University of Utah
􀂐 University of Washington
􀂐 Washington State University
􀂐 Washington University
􀂐 Yale University
C i f G d S di
Collaborating partners: American Indian Graduate Center, Winds of Change magazine, the Princeton Review Foundation,
UC Berkeley American Indian Graduate Program, Cal NERDS, and many of the nation’s finest graduate and professional programs.
􀂐 State University 􀂐 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 􀂐 Consortium for Graduate Study in
Management (representing 14 Business Schools)
Photo credits: Kevin Leonard

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