Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Grand Opening & volunteer help needed

Howka tribal members, I am almost finished with getting our future library organized. We are planning on an August grand opening. We will need volunteers to help the library stay open . The tribe received a grant , but the grant only covered expenses fo buying new books and I saved half of the grant so as to pay a tribal member to work in the library. In order for us to keep the library open when someone isn't working in there is to have tribal members volunteer to sit in the library so as tribal members can either just sit and read in the library, or so they can check out books. The books can only be checked out by tribal members. The library will have monthly programs promoting literacy, monthly projects working with the tribe's youth program as well as projects to help preserve our tribal culture & history. If a tribal member is interested in becoming a librarian I would love to talk to them as there are only about 3 of us california Indians that have actually gotten their degrees in library studies and I think it would be fantastic if more than one came from our reservation.I am also hoping to promote writing amongst our tribal peoples as there are few books written by us that are Ipai or Tipai (Kumeyaay). If you have any comments please click the comment section below the posting. if anyone would like to reach me personally my email is .
Karen Vigneault (Santa Ysabel tribal member)

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