Monday, July 14, 2008

California Indian Cowboys

Many of us knew about Uncle Eddie and our local cowboys , but we don't read much about the history of tribal cowboys.
The link says "In reality, the history of the American West and ranching is far more diverse. The American West has been influenced by far more than the Anglo male cowboy; ranching culture and history is a product of men and women of many ethnicities. As ranching economy and culture spread across the West, it encountered various American Indian tribes that already lived on the land. Many Indians adopted ranching, incorporating sheep, cattle, and horses into their economies and cultures. In so doing, they created their own history and contributed to the history of the American West and specifically to ranching. American Indians were involved in ranching in a number of ways: on missions, as cowboys, and as ranchers. Furthermore, they contributed to the history and culture of rodeo. American Indians were not antithetical to cowboys, many were cowboys. This website explores the history of California Indian ranching and rodeo and explores the local history of ranching among the Cahuilla and LuiseƱo through photographs, historical accounts, and stories."

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Michael said...

I'm interested in information you may have pertaining to the Ponchetti family, specifically the generation that included Charley, George, Henry, Frank and their immediate family members...thank you, Michael Garrett