Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NATIVE TV-First Native channel

Howka tribal members, Have you heard about the new outlet for Native media? Sounds like a great opportunity for our native writers, producers, filmmakers, etc.
Way to go San Manuel... I , like Wes Studi didn't think I would ever see this in my lifetime as well.

FNX: First Nations Experience is the first of its kind endeavor introduced by PBS member station, KVCR, and founding partner, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians of Southern California. A 24/7 high definition (HD) multiplatform digital media vehicle, FNX launched on September 25, 2011.

The Mission

A member of the World Indigenous Broadcast Network, FNX is the first general public, multimedia venture in the United States created to showcase the lives and cultures of Native American and indigenous peoples around the world.

The Vision

Initially serving the second largest market in the United States of potentially 18 million viewers, FNX broadcasts from the KVCR Studios in Southern California's Inland Empire. Within one year, FNX plans to expand and lead the way as a U.S. producer and national and global exhibitor (via the Internet and over-the air, satellite and cable broadcast systems) of authentic First Nations storytelling. Programming will comprise varying genres including documentaries, sports, feature film, drama series, news and comedy.

Let FNX be your experience.

All people originate from an indigenous source. Whether you are a producer, interactive user, viewer or donor - if you support the FNX mission and share its vision, then become a valued and active stakeholder in the experience.

Welcome to FNX. It's time.


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