Thursday, August 6, 2009

CAL TRANS Native American Liaison Branch TRIBAL MAP

Native American Liaison Branch
The Department of Transportation recognizes the unique sovereign status of Federally recognized Tribes and the cultural values of all Native American communities in California, and it is committed to strengthening the Government-to-Government relationship with the Tribes.

There are currently 108 federally recognized tribes in California. These Tribal Governments hold inherent powers of limited sovereignty and are charged with the same responsibilities as any other governmental authority: Planning the use of their resources to meet their social, economic, cultural and political needs.

California is home to the largest Native American population in the country, including Federally recognized Tribes, terminated, or non-federally recognized Tribes, and urban Indian communities.

This web site is designed to provide information from the Department of Transportation, as well as links to other Native American web sites.

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