Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Virtual Public Schools

Learning Outside the Box KVE’s Public Schools 9/15/2008
This fall KVE heads into its second academic year operating virtual public schools, and has just opened several new ones. These schools provide students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma online. They offer a core curriculum, as well as honors and advanced placement (AP) classes for students in grades 9–12 (AZ, CA, CO) or 7–12 (WA). Students learn through one-on-one instruction with state-certified instructors.

“We are providing a unique opportunity for students to benefit from a top of the line curriculum they previously would have had to travel or attend private school to access,” said Dr. Tim Lafferty, Executive Director of Instruction. “Here they have it not only at their fingertips, or in their own homes, but it is offered tuition free. Students are assigned to highly qualified instructors who provide instruction and are available by phone, IM, or email to respond to questions or concerns.”

KVE operates the following public schools in KHEC states:
Kaplan Academy of California–Los
Kaplan Academy of Colorado
Kaplan Academy of Washington
AGAVE Distance Learning in Arizona
About KVEKVE seeks to offer a viable alternative for every learning style where instructors create a community of active learners, offering a focused, relevant, and rigorous curriculum. A key piece of KVE’s vision is to provide “quality education to underserved segments of the population, bridging both the socioeconomic and performance gaps.” As public schools, the programs are tuition free for qualified state residents. Full-time, enrolled students can receive a computer, as well as an Internet stipend, to assist them in learning online.

For a complete listing of public schools (in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, and Washington), check out Not in one of those states? KVE also offers private schools for both children and adults. And check back often as KVE is opening new schools in states across the country every semester!

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