Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Webinar about California Indian History

Howka tribal members, Susan Hanks from the California State library will be hosting a webinar on Sept. 10. I thought tribal members might be interested in watching .

Title: Learning About California Indian History: An Introduction to the California Indian Historical Resources ProjectDate and time: September 10, 2008, 12pm - 1pmThis webinar will last approximately an hour. There is no charge for this Infopeople webinar. Pre-registration is not required.For more information and to participate in the September 10 webinar, go to * Do you work with students who have school projects dealing with California Indians? * Do you wish that you knew more about California Indian history? * Does your library need more resources on California Indian history? If your answer to any of these questions is "yes," then you'll want to tune in to this webinar.The California Indians Historical Resources project was initiated through the California Native American community's response to Early California Laws and Policies Related to California Indians, a 2002 California State Library (CSL) report. Following the report's publication, CSL representatives visited with tribal and public government offices, libraries, education centers, cultural centers, parks, and museums in over 27 counties to gather information on California's Native American information resources. It became evident that access to historically accurate materials surrounding California Indian history are not readily available, and access to primary resource documents surrounding early California History remain difficult to access. The California Indians Historical Resources Project produced three self-contained databases: * Early California Newspapers 1846-1866; * Federal Documents Related to California Indians 1847-1868 & 1920; * State of California Indian legislative History Documents 1849-1863 & 1937. Each of the databases is contained on a single CD. The 3-disc set will be sent to all California public libraries through their Cooperative Library System's delivery system. The set will be mailed to all California tribal libraries. Individual libraries will determine the best way to make the databases available to their users. Additional copies, for use in branches or other locations, will be available for sale through the California State Library Foundation, 1225 8th St., #345, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 447-6331, or at This workshop will provide participants with: * A brief introduction to California Indian history; * An overview of Primary Resource Documents that deal with historic events surrounding the treatment of California Indians; * A map and timeline demonstrating treaty land cessions, treaty negotiations and legislation. Join us for an investigation of the treatment of Indians in California, and Federal and State of California government relations with California Indians through primary resource documents. Speaker: Susan Hanks. Susan has over 25 years of library experience, with 21 years of public library experience including work in rural, neighborhood and main branches, administration, acquisitions, cataloging, and archives. Susan is currently a Library Programs Consultant with the State Library, working with California tribal libraries, Preservation, and Rural Libraries. As the current President of the American Indian Library Association, she works to promote library services and resources nationwide. Infopeople's funding limits attendance at live webinars to anyone in the California library community. If you are outside California, please do not view the live event. However, you are welcome to see the archived version the day following the webinar. Check our archive listing at:

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